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Phoenix Coyotes Hockey
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The Phoenix Coyotes entered into the NHL in Winnipeg as the Jets in 1979 and moved to Phoenix in 1996. The Phoenix Coyotes have never won the Stanley Cup and never really come close. The Phoenix Coyotes have changed their jerseys since their move from Winnipeg and the new Phoenix Coyotes Jerseys are good looking jerseys.

The Phoenix Coyotes are a very young team and must rely on strong defensive play from their entire team. They are a younger team, and with Wayne Gretzky as their coach, they are hopting to put together a solid team in the future. An autographed picture, jersey or puck are great ideas for coyotes fans who would like a piece of history and Phoenix Coyotes Memorabilia.

The Phoenix Coyotes are a fast, gritty and defensive-minded team featuring some big named players and some up and coming stars. Leading the list of Phoenix Coyotes star players is Shane Doan, Peter Mueller, Ed Jovanovski, and Derek Morris. You can purchase customized Phoenix Coyotes Jerseys with any of these player's names and numbers.

The Phoenix Coyotes have a lot of great items that can be purchased. Phoenix Coyotes Jerseys, Coyotes Apparel (including shirts, hats, and more), and Phoenix Coyotes collectibles and memorabilia.

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Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Jerseys
Shop for NHL hockey jerseys for the Phoenix Coyotes. Buy replica jerseys, pro-style jerseys, practice jerseys. All Phoenix Coyotes Jerseys are customizable with your favorite player's name and number or even your name and number.

Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Apparel
Shop for Phoenix Coyotes Apparel, including hats, shirts, sweatshirts and more

Coyotes Hockey Memorabilia & Collectibles
NHL memorabilia from the Phoenix Coyotes including vintage photographs, autographed pucks and more.

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